Thomas and Friends Japanese Candy Gummy, 4K Tart and Chocolate グミきかんしゃトーマス.チョコプレッツェル

【Thomas and Friends Japanese Candy Gummy, 4K Tart and Chocolate グミきかんしゃトーマス.チョコプレッツェル】きかんしゃトーマス連の動画を紹介します!

Welcome back and today we’re doing a snack video with various Thomas and Friends candies. We have grape gummy candies, chocolate pretzel candies, and little tart hard candies. There are many interresting candies to be discovered here in Japan. So we found this assortment of candies and figured we’d do a video on it. Check it out!


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Tomica Leisure Map トミカ おでかけレジャーマップ

Eating Alien Gummy Candies ・ DIY Kit Takara Tomy Disney Toy Story ・ トイストーリー グミチョコいっぱいエイリアン

Taiga Art – Accidental art – Detailed faces found in painting

Unboxing Tomica No. 108 Hino Aerial Ladder Fire Truck
トミカ開封 No.108 日野はしご付消防車(モリタ・スーパージャイロラダー)
Hino Aerial Ladder Fire Truck – Takara Tomy Tomica Die-cast Car Collection No. 108 – 11 Unboxing

Standard YouTube License

アンパンマンおもちゃアニメ★トーマス、ヒロとあそぼ!★【食玩】Kids Animation Thomas 麵包超人 托马斯的玩具 호빵맨 토마스 อัมพาง พระเอก



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